Ending the Year with Blacklist

Hey guys, shop manager here.  This past year at Blacklist has been a really great year to make friends, expand our businesses, maintain the most amazing clients (which we believe we have), and grow together.  

This year, as each of our artists celebrated a tattoo anniversary, I feel they truly have put some incredible work out there.  I am humbled to work in a place where I am constantly amazed by the talent each of our artists showcase.  I am proud to work in a place where I feel like friends with the clients after they've spent a day in our shop.  I am excited to work in a place that will be moving into a new building in 2018, all all of the prospects that come with that.  I am thrilled to work in a place where I can call my coworkers my friends, and not worry about whether or not I fit in, or if I will be bullied, or if my boss will treat me unfairly, because everyone at Blacklist are, aside from being great artists, also great people.  

There are a lot of days I ask myself what more I can be doing -- how I can do my job better, what kind of initiatives I can take, how I can better assist my artists, especially how can I better assist our clients... And it's truly wonderful that I see the artists of Blacklist doing the same thing.  From sending out thank you cards, to e-mailing, and countless other ways we all work together to achieve a goal, I see everyone at Blacklist going beyond the mark of expectations and that makes me feel so happy to be included, and to work for such a great shop.  

So, this is a sappy end of the year post that shares my appreciation for my coworkers, and also for all of our clients that make me feel excited to come to work, a little bummed sometimes to go home, and especially help make every day at my job awesome and fun.  You are all amazing, thank you so much for being a part of a year that, despite some serious obstacles, has been overall pretty wonderful.