Artist and Client Education

Getting a tattoo is a collaborative process between the tattoo artist performing the tattoo and the client receiving it.  As such, a lot more goes into getting a custom tattoo than walking in to the shop, picking out a design off the wall, having a stencil made and getting it tattooed.  With a custom tattoo, there should be communication and an effective back and forth between client and artist so that both ultimately have a finished product one is comfortable tattooing and one is comfortable wearing.

In a customer service world where the most oft-repeated phrase is "The Customer is always right," it can be unnerving when an artist tells a client no.  Here at Blacklist, when our artists tell a client they cannot do something, or that they are uncomfortable with something, they aren't doing it to be jerks.  Our artists are usually saying no to something because they genuinely care for the integrity of the client's tattoo.  

If a client wants something too small, and based on our artists myriad years of experience, the artists know that the size limitations will cause the tattoo to look bad (even if it's in 15 years), they are unlikely to want to do the tattoo.  We at Blacklist DO NOT want to put something on you that you will end up hating because it can't stand the test of time.  We certainly don't want to take your money and provide a sub-par service.  

Or if, for another example, the client wants a very intricate piece with a lot of shading but want it in white or another color -- it is our job to educate the client on why these things are difficult to tattoo, or even once tattooed, to maintain as light inks are susceptible to so much damage! 

It can be super frustrating, however, to be turned away without understanding why, or what kind of compromise can be made.  This is why we always do free consultations at Blacklist-- so the client and artist have a chance to speak, discuss designs together, and answer any potential questions the client may have for the artist and vice versa.  This is also why we have a Frequently Asked Questions article on our blog, and respond to messages and e-mails as promptly as possible.  

We want you to have the best tattoo we can possibly do, for as long as your body will allow. 

We are always here to answer your questions!