What do your tattoos mean?

Among the community of those tattooed, there are a few universal things we all have in common.  Oftentimes, something we can all relate to, regardless of how different our backgrounds or personalities are, are the way other people react to our tattoos.  A few of the classics regarding interactions with other people pretty universally include:

  • Strangers coming up to someone to touch their tattoos.  This is usually because they are struck by how awesome they look.  Whatever the reason, I strongly advocate that nobody ever touch anyone else randomly without their consent.  
  • The infamous question, "Did it hurt?"  (The answer is a resounding yes, by the way.)
  • And my personal favorite, "But what does it mean?"

The age old question about the meaning of tattoos has been widely discussed.  Do they have to mean anything?  Can you assign meaning to the moment?  Is there an adequate level of "meaning"?  Personally, I think that's up to the wearer of the tattoo and in no way should be dictated by anyone else.  

I did come across this really cool article from Time Magazine that examines the symbolism behind certain tattoos.  Regardless of why you got your tattoo, learning the history of something can be really fascinating.  Check it out!