What Happens if You Hate Your Tattoo

The goal we have for every client who walks into the shop to get tattooed is that they leave with something they love.  Our artists work very hard toward this goal--spending hours on prepping each client's tattoo, from collecting references, consulting back and forth to make sure all the elements wanted are included, the timely process of drawing many versions of the tattoo until it's absolutely perfect, to tattoo day--making last minute changes, sizing, stenciling, etc.  

That being said, there are still things that can cause a client to end up dissatisfied with a tattoo.  Perhaps you were tattooed by an artist at another shop who didn't communicate well with you.  Maybe you feel as though you've simply outgrown the design you chose many years ago.  It could be that you got a beautiful tattoo that you just don't want anymore (names, etc).  

At Blacklist, we have options for those of you who are wearing a tattoo that you just want gone.  Not only are all of our artists very experienced in cover-ups, but we are partnered with Blacklist Laser and Cosmetics to offer tattoo removal.  The laser technicians at Blacklist Laser are absolutely incredible, and work as hard for their clients as our artists do for ours.  We also work with Blacklist Laser to offer specials to those who want to do targeted lightening and work toward a cover-up.  

Let us help you!  Call us or them for a consultation today regarding your cover-up or beginning the removal process!