Spring Break

Spring Break is right around the corner, and we know that usually means vacations, sun, and fun!

Here are some quick tips for how to take care of your tattoo while you are vacationing!

  • Try to plan your tattoo appointments around your vacations so you never have a fresh tattoo that is trying to heal while you are on vacation.
  • For healed tattoos, sunscreen is still super important!  Your tattoos are always susceptible to sun damage, especially lighter colors, so be sure to load up on the SPF if it's impossible to keep the area covered!
  • If you have a healing tattoo while you are on vacation, be extra careful not to expose the area to the elements.  Airports have incredible amounts of bacteria, as do bodies of water, and people!  
  • Absolutely do not swim while you have a healing tattoo!!  Your tattoo is a healing wound and that is one of the fastest ways to impede the healing of your tattoo at the least -- at worst you expose yourself to a ton of potential infections
  • If your tattoo is healed and protected, don't forget to show it off!

Have fun!