What Should I Do Before My Tattoo?

We get a lot of questions every day here at Blacklist Ink.  A big one that we'd like to address is the ever-present, "Do I need to do anything special before my tattoo?"  So, today we will be addressing that:

1) EAT A MEAL BEFOREHAND - We've all seen the Snickers commercials, and of course that isn't all just good advertising.  Having a full stomach does wonders for your pain tolerance.  Especially when the best way to describe most tattoo pain is "irritating."  Our bodies do all kinds of things when we are nervous or our fight or flight mechanisms are activated, and, well, tattoos hurt.  So just trust us on this one, and make sure you eat something.

2) Bring a drink or a snack with you.  Tattooing can be intense, and it is exhausting for your body.  Drinks and snacks will replenish you, especially if you are sitting for awhile.

3) Don't get wasted the night before.  Not only do substances affect your immune system, but they also can thin your blood and change your skin.  We want to give your tattoo the best environment with which to heal so it's a good idea to be well-rested the night before.

4) If you are on antibiotics, reschedule your appointment.  Antibiotics cause your immune system to attack the pigments we are putting in your body and almost guarantee a rough heal.  

5)  Bring a friend!  Sometimes an audience can make things worse, so this is of course up to your discretion.  But we are totally okay with you bringing a friend or family member, just make sure they are over 18, as we cannot have anyone under 18 in the tattoo booths or areas.  


Hope this helps!