Why Am I Paying A Deposit?

To schedule an appointment at Blacklist Ink, all of our tattoo artists take non-refundable deposits.  This can sometimes be unexpected for a client to hear, as we require payment for the deposit upon scheduling the date of the tattoo appointment.  Sometimes this is days, weeks, or even months in advance.  So today we will go over what the deposit covers:  preparation, cancellation, and security.  

To begin, Blacklist Ink is a custom tattoo shop, which means that each artist custom draws and prepares your tattoo before your tattoo date.  Usually our artists begin drawing within the week before your appointment, and have your drawing ready for you on the morning of your appointment.  Believe it or not, I have watched my artists on multiple occasions spend 8-10 hours drawing for a tattoo that may only take 5 hours to complete.  The artists at Blacklist work very hard to take your references and the discussions they have had with y'all and use that information to create a tattoo completely unique to you.  So, if a client schedules a full day appointment and doesn't show up or call about rescheduling, the artist not only loses a full day of business, but also cannot be compensated for the time they spent drawing up the client's tattoo.  

This leads to my next point -- cancellation.  We understand that life happens, and there can be emergencies and other things that prevent clients from attending their appointment, which is why we have a reschedule policy in place.  As long as a client reschedules within our reschedule policy, we roll the deposit over to the new date.  However, if we have a client simply not show up, it can be difficult to fill those appointment times, especially when they are larger appointments.  This means that the artist loses out on their prep and drawing time, and also potentially has no income for the day.  

Lastly, the deposit is security for both the client and the artist.  The deposit means that the artist cannot book anyone else in that date -- that it is set for the client.  Also, even though the artist may spend twice the amount of hours drawing for the tattoo than they do actually performing the tattoo, the client only pays for the time the needle is spent in the skin.  As long as the client shows up for their scheduled appointment (or gives adequate notice for a reschedule), their deposit cost will actually go *toward* the total cost of their tattoo.  This means that if the finished product is priced at $150, and the client has paid a $60 deposit, they will only owe the remaining $90.  It can be a nice little down payment!