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Blacklist Ink Scheduling Guide

This is a step-by-step guide for scheduling a tattoo appointment at Blacklist Ink.  Below you'll find a comprehensive guide where we try to cover everything in detail, but for those of you who just want the basics, here they are:

  • Deciding on an idea to turn into a tattoo. 
  • Choosing an artist or being matched with an artist who can do your tattoo. 
  • Consulting with the artist and getting an estimate
  • Paying a non-refundable deposit to schedule the appointment.
  • Scheduling with your artist and showing up on your appointment date! 

So, you've decided you want to get a new or first tattoo.  This is an incredibly exciting step and we at Blacklist Ink are thrilled you are considering us in your decision to put some amazing new art on your body.  With all the television shows, the internet, and general stereotypes that surround the art of tattooing, we understand that the tattoo world can be a confusing place, and there isn't always a lot of information readily available for people.  With that in mind, we want to give all of you some helpful information.  Please note that while some of this applies to most tattoo shops, this guide is written specifically for the way Blacklist Ink works.  Let's get started! 

Consultations can be done in person without an appointment Tues-Sat 10am-6pm

Consultations can be done in person without an appointment Tues-Sat 10am-6pm

Deciding on Your Tattoo
The first thing that comes with setting up an appointment to get a tattoo is of course, deciding what you want.  There are many different styles of tattooing, one of them being flash art.  Flash art is something that has been a part of the tattoo industry for a very long time - this is where there is pre-designed art, usually in books, or on the walls of tattoo shops, that a client would walk-in and select from.  Blacklist does not display flash art, as we tend to showcase more custom artwork and customized tattoos.  This does not mean we will not tattoo flash art if you've picked something out and bring it in though.  We do, however, have some artists who have books of their own flash pieces, which are art pieces they have already customized that they would like to tattoo.  The difference with our artist's personal flash is they do not generally tattoo the same design twice, so if something has been tattooed, they will   redesign something similar for someone else if they choose the same design.  We like our customers to be able to maintain uniqueness with their tattoos if it is something completely done by the artist.  That being said, here are the major points of how we deal with the beginning stages of tattoo design, whether you have an exact idea in your mind, or just a concept.  

An example of a shop which displays Flash Art on the walls. 

An example of a shop which displays Flash Art on the walls. 

If you have an exact picture that you'd like as a tattoo, our artists will do their very best to give you exactly what they want, but we do like to change things up just a tiny bit to keep your tattoo individualized if you are open to that.  Our artists will usually not tattoo drawings done by other tattoo artists, but otherwise we love the opportunity to put a unique spin on something! 

Damon's spin on a common theme for Harry Potter tattoos

Damon's spin on a common theme for Harry Potter tattoos

Ultimately, this tattoo is going on your body forever, so we want to make sure we are giving you a quality piece of unique art, but equally important, we want it to be something YOU are going to love forever.  Our artists will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want, so please don't be afraid to speak up if there's something you don't like.

If you have a concept or idea, with reference pictures, we are totally able to work with that! Being a custom shop, our artists absolutely love being able to create a tattoo from the vision you have in your mind.  If this is what you are leaning toward, try to keep your references and notes together and have those on hand to discuss with us.  

Choosing an Artist
We have many different artists here at Blacklist Ink.  Print portfolios are displayed in the shop, and electronic portfolios can be found here on our website.  Our artists also have photo albums on our Facebook page. You can utilize these resources to see past tattoos our artists have done and if anything fits with the style of tattoo you are wanting. If you are still unsure of which artist to choose or on a time restriction, our shop manager is always happy to help match you to an artist who will suit your needs. 

Choosing An Artist: The Blacklist Crew, including artists (L to R) Wade, Rhona, Lisa and Damon

Choosing An Artist: The Blacklist Crew, including artists (L to R) Wade, Rhona, Lisa and Damon

Once you have decided what you want, and selected an artist, the next step is having a consultation.  The best way to do a consultation will always be in person, but for people who are traveling to get tattooed or have scheduling restrictions, we can do consultations via phone, e-mail or Facebook message.  As I said, we always recommend in person as the most reliable source for a time and cost estimate, but we do try to work with you as much as possible.  If you are getting a cover up or tattooing over scars, we will almost always need to see these in person to gauge whether a cover up is even possible. 

When you have your consultation, here are some things to be prepared for: 

  • Deposits - Each of our artists take a non-refundable deposit to secure appointments and time spent drawing your tattoo.  This is usually around $100, and is due when you schedule.  If at the end of your consultation, you decide to schedule an appointment, be prepared to pay this deposit.  The deposit does go toward the total of your tattoo, so if your tattoo is $200, then on the day of your appointment you will only owe $100.
  • Estimates - Each of our artists charge hourly rates that vary from artist to artist.  Nearly all our pieces are priced by the hour, which is why there is sometimes a wide range with price estimates.  Estimates *are not* a guarantee for price, but an educated and professional guess for how long your tattoo should take. Because of this, sometimes tattoos can end up costing slightly more OR slightly less than the quoted estimates. 
  • Appointment Date - Many of our artists are booked out, sometimes just a couple days, sometimes a couple months or even longer, so it isn't often that you will be able to get tattooed on the same day as your consultation. We try to work with clients as much as possible to fit their schedule, so try to have multiple dates or days of the week you are available so we can work with the artist's schedule to find you the earliest and most convenient date possible. 
Once you've scheduled your appointment and paid your deposit, all you have left to do is show up to your appointment! E-mail us about booking today! 

Once you've scheduled your appointment and paid your deposit, all you have left to do is show up to your appointment! E-mail us about booking today! 

Finally, you are ready to schedule your appointment.  When you are ready to schedule, we will have you answer a detailed set of questions regarding your tattoo (placement, size, etc) so we can have paperwork ready for your artist to begin drawing for you.  Then we will settle on a date together for your tattoo appointment.  After that, we will take your deposit which can be paid by cash or card.  If you cannot make it into the shop, we do take credit card payments over the phone for deposits.  Once your deposit is paid and the date is confirmed with both you and your artist, you are all set!! 

Aftercare Packets

We are super excited to showcase our new aftercare packets!  These exclusive (and fancy) packages contain updated aftercare instructions centered around the use of Redemption tattoo ointment, which we've blogged about before.  They also have business cards and stickers.  Also we teamed up with Blacklist Laser to include surprises in randomly selected packets.  We've hidden three different kinds of gift certificates - Discounts at Blacklist Laser, tattoo gift certificates, and coupons for free t-shirts in some of the packets.  Ask your artist about availability during your next tattoo appointment!


Blacklist Takes Carnival of Ink 2k17 April 1-2

Click the photo to purchase tickets

Click the photo to purchase tickets

Blacklist is excited to be participating in the Missouri Tattoo/Music festival Carnival of Ink for the third consecutive year! This convention, which takes place in Springfield, Missouri at the Shrine Mosque is an annual convention to bring together tattoo artists from all over the United States.  We are thrilled to be a part of it and to meet new clients and artists. 

This year Wade Rogers, Damon Hayes, Lisa Sargent, and Rhona McBain are all participating on behalf of Blacklist.  Wade won the "Best Portrait" category for 2015 and we are hoping to bring home some new awards this year!!

Conventions are such an awesome way for artists to connect with new clients and other artists, as well as clients have an interactive way to experience tattooing in a big setting and see so many different artists at work. Tickets are still available for purchase for this year's Carnival of Ink Festival, we hope to see y'all there.

Redemption Aftercare

Hey friends! We're here to talk about why we believe in Redemption for your tattoo aftercare and the benefits in using it. 

Here are the facts:

  1. Redemption is 100% organic and vegan. This means that there is no animal testing and absolutely no products that aren't naturally grown. Did you know that most aftercare lotions contain alcohol or some irritant in them? This can cause the skin to become red, itchy, or swollen.
  2. Because of it's natural ingredients, after applying redemption to the tattooed area, it can actually sooth the tattooed area. Some of our clients would say that using Redemption causes the tattoo to be less red, irritated, and swollen afterwards.
  3. Redemption is packaged in the perfect size container. Although it's completely natural, a little bit goes along way, just like in Petroleum based products, except it's completely natural and good for your skin.

It's always best to consult with your artist about what aftercare will work for you. Our artists are firm believers in this product and have it for our clients to purchase at the studio. Most of our clients do not heal their tattoo without it.