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Aftercare Packets

We are super excited to showcase our new aftercare packets!  These exclusive (and fancy) packages contain updated aftercare instructions centered around the use of Redemption tattoo ointment, which we've blogged about before.  They also have business cards and stickers.  Also we teamed up with Blacklist Laser to include surprises in randomly selected packets.  We've hidden three different kinds of gift certificates - Discounts at Blacklist Laser, tattoo gift certificates, and coupons for free t-shirts in some of the packets.  Ask your artist about availability during your next tattoo appointment!


Blacklist Takes Carnival of Ink 2k17 April 1-2

Click the photo to purchase tickets

Click the photo to purchase tickets

Blacklist is excited to be participating in the Missouri Tattoo/Music festival Carnival of Ink for the third consecutive year! This convention, which takes place in Springfield, Missouri at the Shrine Mosque is an annual convention to bring together tattoo artists from all over the United States.  We are thrilled to be a part of it and to meet new clients and artists. 

This year Wade Rogers, Damon Hayes, Lisa Sargent, and Rhona McBain are all participating on behalf of Blacklist.  Wade won the "Best Portrait" category for 2015 and we are hoping to bring home some new awards this year!!

Conventions are such an awesome way for artists to connect with new clients and other artists, as well as clients have an interactive way to experience tattooing in a big setting and see so many different artists at work. Tickets are still available for purchase for this year's Carnival of Ink Festival, we hope to see y'all there.

First Thursday Artwalk of 2017

Come by this evening, March 2nd, for the first First Thursday Art Walk of the season! We will be displaying artwork by Allison Chambers, Tyler Netherly, NewVisions, and be enjoying music by Greg Parker! 

Wade Rogers will also be doing some live painting. So bring your art medium of choice and come create with us!

Venue Map

Venue Map