tattoo questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi!  We are so excited you are considering us for a tattoo.  We understand that a tattoo is a major life decision, and that it can also be a confusing one.  We have created this list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you navigate your way through the tattoo process a little better. 

  • Do you take walk-in's or is your shop by appointment only?

We do take walk-in's when we have the availability, though our artists tend to stay booked up, therefore we do recommend scheduling an appointment if you have limited availability.  We also suggest you keep checking our website and social media for updates on specials, promotions, or walk-in days.  Links to our assorted social media accounts are below!


  • I would like to schedule an appointment, how do I go about this?

Our scheduling guide can be found on our blog, here.

  • I would like to have something drawn up for me, but I am not sure if I want to commit to getting a tattoo, will you do that?

Our artists will usually not draw something without an appointment being made and a deposit being paid.  This deposit works as a sort of drawing fee.  Drawings are finished at the artist's discretion, though if you have any special time restrictions be sure to communicate that to and with your artist so they can work with you for the best possible result! 

  • How do you charge, by the piece or by the hour?

The answer to this is, it depends on the artist.  Most of our artists charge hourly rates which range from $100-$150/hour but some artists charge by the piece or by the day, depending on the size of the tattoo.  

  • I need a touch-up, how much will this cost me?  

Tattoos are guaranteed by the artist who has performed the tattoo, so each artist's touch up policy is different.  Some artists do a free touch-up within the first year, while others have different time restrictions.  Make sure when you make your appointment, you discuss the touch-up policy with your artist so you know what the guidelines are for this.  

Tip: Keep your artist's business card so you can remember who did your tattoo if you wait awhile before calling about a touch-up.

  • I didn't show up for my appointment, can I get my deposit back?

Unfortunately, deposits are non-refundable.  Deposits are in place to secure the time the artist sets aside for your appointment, as well as any drawing time they spend preparing for your tattoo.  A lot of work goes into preparing your artwork for you before the needle actually touches your skin, and the deposit is what ensures some kind of compensation for the artist's preemptive work in the event of a no-show or last minute cancellation.  

That being said, if something does come up and you have given adequate notice (usually 72 hours) or you have some kind of emergency, our artist's generally offer a one-time reschedule. This is, however, at artist's discretion.  Always call, even if you have missed the 72 hour window! 

  • I/my child is under the age of 18, will you tattoo them?

Short answer here is no.  It is illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18 in Jasper county.  

  • Can my friend come with me to get tattooed?

We encourage friendly support!  Absolutely bring a friend, parent, significant other, etc, just be sure that whoever accompanies you is above the age of 18, as it is illegal to have anyone under the age of 18 in the tattooing area.  So, unfortunately, any children or friends/family who are minors must stay home.  

  • Do you accept cards or just cash?

That is dependent upon our artists.  Please call or double check with your artist before coming in to see if you need to hit an ATM before heading over. 

  • I lost my aftercare sheet, what should I do?

If you need another aftercare sheet, feel free to stop by the shop and grab one!  You can also call, e-mail, text, or message us with any questions or concerns.  We are happy to help, and no question is too small!  We would much rather you call us than have you play it by ear and use a product that could potentially damage your tattoo. 

  • Do you do piercings?

At this time, we do not have a piercer. 

  • This is my first tattoo, is there anything I need to know?

We suggest those who are first-timers make sure they've eaten beforehand.  We tell everyone to have a good meal before coming in, just to increase their comfort level.  Feel free to bring some headphones so you can listen to your favorite music or watch something on your phone. Bring a bottle of water or something if you think you'll be thirsty!  If your session is an all day session, plan out your lunch!  We have many places that deliver or are within walking distance and are always happy to recommend something.  Most importantly, if you are feeling nervous or have questions, our shop manager is available and eager to speak with you to help assuage your fears.  Your comfort is a priority here! 

We will be adding to this as we see fit, so please continue to check back, or shoot us an email if you feel like we missed something!  Thank you all so much!